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What is operative leasing and is it worth to apply for your company? You will find an answer in following lines.

Every business man, company or government organization does 100% for its business if all the energy, time and finances are effectively allocated for the maximum benefit of their work. RAI LEASE completely overtakes your agenda associated with fleet management, efficiently prepares the best solutions for your company, while reducing the operating costs associated with this agenda. Benefits for Clients – outsourcing of services related to fleet management gives you quantitative benefits associated with wholesale customer’s discounts on purchases of cars, tires, spare parts as well as discounts in financing and insurance.

What are the benefits of operative leasing?

Imagine that you want to start up a business or that you're running a small company with 5 or 6 employees. You will need one office, necessary computer equipment and to ensure full mobility of your employees you will need 4 or 5 vehicles. All investments put to purchase of motor vehicles as well as care of it would burden you so you would not be able to devote all your time to actual vision and content of your business.

In terms of accounting, operative leasing means operating costs. You receive an invoice once a month containing all vehicles and chosen services and you don´t have to worry about anything more. When comparing the financial and operational leasing it is necessary to pay attention not only to the amount of the monthly payment, but also to all the costs associated with the ownership of the vehicle, namely, insurance, repairs, tires, taxes, fuel, and above all we must not forget the cost of your time. It should be noted that you will not own the cars, you remain a lessee throughout the duration of the contract. Operative leasing ensures economical use of reliable new vehicles of your favorite brands. Fixed monthly payments with zero down payment include the difference between the acquisition and the residual value of the vehicle (including legal fees and insurance throughout Europe)

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