So you can fully focus on your business

Why do companies, entrepreneurs or government organizations leave the management of their fleets on our professionals from operative leasing division?

You don´t need to worry about the fleet management, as well you don´t need the personnel to look after it. You can fully focus on your business and activities. You are also getting number of benefits:

Benefits - RAI LEASE


Find out all benefits RAI Lease - operative leasing offers

  • VIP service

    try our VIP service - clients who have 5 cars or more get all full-service benefits   
  • New situations, new solutions

    Fleet management brings new problems constantly - we solve them for you :-)  
  • Professional communication

    in communication and in solving problems with your fleet, our professional staff does maximum for your satisfaction  
  • We save your time and money

    our division RAI Lease will save your money and time - we can advise and recommend you the best deals  
  • Get discounts to lower costs

    Only RAI Lease can provide you immediate demo cars from aboad - don´t wait, we can find effective solutions for you
  • Do you need to change your fleet?

    We can sell your old cars for you and deliver new ones with maximal discounts or provide demo cars from abroad with discount up to 30%
  • 1 invoice in place of 100

    your financial department will surly welcome clear system in stead of 100 invoices concerning your fleet - you get one invoice from us
  • Service department

    will take care of regular service or any insurnace issues  
  • Consulting

    with individual approach is in our company matter of course  
  • High quality services

    and our experienece and know-how lets your management and employees focus on your core business.   
  • Save your cashflow

    get financing with zero down payment. You can use saved funds for your own business  
  • Fleet optimization

    and administration optimization 
  • Cost savings

    connected with time and work force savings
  • Predictability of financial flows

    let us take care of your fleet and you can rely on simple and transparent financial balance
  • Security systems

    are financed fully by us. More Info - VIP Partners - Security  

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