We provide Full-Service - we take over all the responsibilities associated with the use of the vehicle and all the administration so you can fully focus on your business. We will apply our best rates and ensure independent control of services costs. Full-Service is basically build from various types of services connected to operative leasing. We will create an optimal puzzle out of all service option for your satisfaction.

Full Service includes

  • Maintenance

    We do maintenance and repair of vehicles only with our contractual partners - exclusively authorized dealers of the brand
  • Tyres

    Best prices, storage and exchange of season tyres  
  • Administration

    Vehicle order and registration, taxes, accident management, fine administration  
  • Refueling

    Cashless refueling with Shell, CCS, Slovnaft cards
  • Insurance

      Liability insurance, accident insurance, legal expenses insurance, supplementary insurance, solution of insurance claims  
  • Highway fee

    Early purchase of the high way toll.   
  • 24/7 assistance

    Immediate help in case of an accident or malfunction throughout Europe.    
  • Electronic invoicing

    Possibility of automatic data transfer into your accounting  
  • Regular communication

    Daily communication with dedicated RAI Lease manager and solving of common problems.   
  • Crisis communication

    24/7 phone line for crisis situations  
  • Reporting

    Monthly fleet reports (available electronically as well) includng repairs and maintenance, insurance claims, mileage and fuel consumption. They are an essential basis for fleet planning and cost control.  
  • Driver set

    Instructions for use of a company car, its maintenance and solving possible emergencies, order forms for services, utilities and other instructions
  • Substitute car

    Qucik delivery of a substitute car in case of theft, accident, repair or maintanace of your vehile. No further providers - we have our own car rental division RAI RENT. You always get a substitute car in your own class with best financial conditions
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While you are waiting for a new car which you ordered for operative leasing, you can try our long-term rental with special discount prices.

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